Sustainability At Alma

Company Sustainability Statement

ALMA recognises that procurement decisions can have social, economic and environmental effects globally for the present and for the future, which is why we are continually researching methods for developing high-quality interior leather solutions and innovative products. We respect our moral relationship with employees, suppliers, customers and the social context of our urban location.

We take our environmental responsibilities seriously and strive to keep a low environmental impact whilst working in London and alongside our tannery partners in Europe.

ALMA ensures our working practices provide a friendly efficient expert service, high-quality leather hides and added value manufactured leather products at the best price to our customers. Thus, ensuring optimum customer loyalty and satisfaction that ultimately generates growth for our business and secures healthy future relationships for our employees, customers and suppliers.


Established since 1938, ALMA provides unique leather products and services by employing a workforce of specialist staff and highly skilled artisans.

We have been a consistent employer for over eighty years in East London, providing work and business for the local area.

ALMA is a firm believer in fair labour and human rights, protection of labour, health and safety and staff development training. Every consideration is given to environmental considerations including the re-use and recycling of materials, running hybrid vehicles and using energy-saving light sensors throughout our office.


Leather is a by-product of the food industry. Rather than being disposed of, hides are sold to tanneries to be converted into leather for upholstery, architectural interiors and the fashion industry.

Leather has a life cycle that is substantially longer than any other upholstery material. It is a natural material and is 100% biodegradable.

ALMA leathers are produced at our tannery partner’s premises in Europe. The following are important environmental considerations that are followed:

  • Leather production produces quantities of by-products that are recovered by other industries (food, fertilisers etc.) such as fleshing and shavings.
  • Our leathers are sourced from Europe, cutting down our carbon footprint.
  • European tanning practices are strictly regulated with stringent environmental requirements.
  • Water is recycled in the tannery process. This is filtered to remove any chemical residues left over after absorption from the hides, then disposed of safely.
  • The tanning process requires Chromium 3, this is not the Carcinogenic Chromium 6.
  • Certification is available on request for assurance to our customers.
  • To offset greenhouse gas emissions, our tannery compensates CO2 emissions by supporting re-forestation meaning that we contribute towards zero CO2 Impact.
  • Technology employed allows by-products that can be reused in the industrial, agro-industrial and energy context.
  • In development is a new technology of heavy metal free tanning, based on the use of enzymes and polysaccharides which provide the leather with the same physical and mechanical characteristics of leather products that are treated by traditional tanning methods.


  • Our tanneries are connected to water conditioning plants who supply and treat water.
  • All waste water undergoes initial screening treatment on the tannery’s premises before reaching the water conditioning plant.
  • The water conditioning plant treats waste water and handles the disposal of any remaining sludge from the water conditioning process.
  • Cleaned and purified waste water is then returned to the main water supply to be reused.
  • All waste is taken by authorised companies to authorised disposal/recovery sites.

Our tanneries comply with “Green Leather Industry for Environment”, financed by the European Commission under the “LIFE” programme.

It gives great assurance and importance to our tannery that the RIBA and AIA selected our tannery as “the masters of leather” after their in-depth seminar in Hong Kong, training and educating architects and designers on the characteristics of leather, production, finishing application techniques outlining improvements in the tanning sector as it becomes more and more involved in social and environmental issues.

Tannery Accreditations


  • ISO9001:2015
  • IATF16946:2016
  • ISO140001:2015
  • OHSAS18001:2007


  • ALMA’s tannery is the first in the world to possess an environmental product declaration and process certificate (supply chain) ISO14025.
  • Carbon Footprint ISO/TS 14067:2013
  • Der Balu Engel RAL-02148 (emission of substances contained in leather) more stringent than EU standard.
  • Leather from Italy FULL CYCLE CHAIN UNI EN16484:2015. Since 2009 this guarantees that the entire production chain is in Europe, our tanneries have direct control over their production. This, in turn, guarantees that our finished leather hides do not contain toxic agents.
  • The Golden M RAL-G2 430 Certification ensures that not only do we protect the environment, but also the end consumer. The products have to be passed through stringent tests on wear and resistance to physical and environmental factors and even smell tests.

ALMA in London

Packaging and Transportation:
We use paper-based packaging cardboard, paper rolls and plastics 004 PE-LD which are made from low-density Polythene which is less toxic than other plastics. This is recycled and re-used. The products used are controlled and certified for their quality. Our supplier is a member of FSC and PEFC certified, packaging comes with RESY symbol which is accepted by paper and cardboard recyclers.

Established since 1938, ALMA has been providing unique products and services by employing a workforce of specialist staff and highly skilled artisans. We have been a consistent employer for over eighty years in East London, providing work and business for the local area.

Our apprentice program, working alongside apprentice placement companies provides new employment opportunities for young people. Many have continued their careers to work within ALMA.

ALMA is a diverse and equal opportunities company, employing workers from many nations and nationalities bringing a rich diverse culture to the workplace.

All our leather offcuts are recycled and sold for the production of small leather and fashion goods, supporting the local arts and crafts community of students, designers and artisans.


ALMA Supports both domestic and international charities varying from water wells in Africa, orphan’s sponsorship worldwide and disability centres in South East Asia.

We have supported local charities such as Orphans in Need and have been involved in pop-up events which makes us an active part of the community here in East London.

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